Our services include the following:

We develop media for your campaign and ensure the timely placement of your advertisements.

How to advantageously embed design in your business strategy. Which measures are sensible and which steps to take next. How to strengthen your marketing, your Brand and your Business. What professionally designed communication can add in value – short-, mid- and long-term. We answer these questions initially and throughout our collaboration.

Wir bieten Ihnen das Management für Ihre sozialen Anstrengungen im Stadtquartier. Unser Ansatz ist ein interdisziplinärer, der Sozialkommunikation mit Social Design verbindet. Wir fördern kreative »Power«, motivieren und schaffen Plattformen.

Our background is in professional communicative design. That is the Basis. We are studied, as Designers we think transdisciplinary and results-oriented. We work out projects on the based on your existing appearance, or develop a custom-fit Corporate Design for your business. This Corporate Design will be the basis for all further communicative measures. We give counsel and develop together with you.

In conjunction with you, we develop individual conceptually and artistically valuable print products, online solutions and interactive media for your customers and employees. The redactional work includes the drafting and textual design of printed work, or a campaign, or digital application.

This can lead to constant care of your online appearance or social media presence. To better handle specialist subjects, we will bolster our team with copywriters, specialised journalists, or scientists.


Some Examples:

• image-, business- or product-brochures
• business reports, sustainability reports, corporate social responsibility reports  
• employee and customer magazines
• corporate books
• online redactional work for websites and social media

We handle the complete production chain and work together with contractors that are good and cost efficient – to your benefit.



 How we Work

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